< TommyDaShit
It hurts.
It hurts a lot.
But I’ll keep it to myself so it doesn’t hurt anyone else

I met you. Got to know you.. Loved you… Fought with you…. Broke up with you….. Hated you…… I believe that it was the wrong time, and feelings. But glad we’re friends, just not as close anymore. I made a decision to not go back to you. Cause of all the things we been through. I’ve moved on. So did you.

Im Going Crazy… Im starting to ask questions like. Who am i anymore.. Or what am i. Nothing New To Me.. I live in hell.


Depression has already taken so much from me, it’s just a matter of time before it takes my life.

The majority of people who feel suicidal do not actually want to die; they do not want to live the life they have.
Anonymous (via uglywrists)